Dear 2021

Dear 2021

I ended the year of 2020 with a humorous graphic on my social media that said:

“I don’t want any trouble from you. Just come in, sit in the corner, don’t touch anything, and keep your mouth shut”.

2021 is now half over. We are moving from ‘The Great Pause’ to ‘The Great Acceleration’.

What are your takeaways from the first half of 2021?  What was something positive that you learned so far?  Give some thought to this question and write down your observations.  I believe that this type of reflection will help us all to recognize the good that took place during a tough year. #2021

3 thoughts on “Dear 2021

  1. I have always been fascinated by liminal spaces….. to be perfectly honest …..I’m most comfortable there … the undemanding vibe of the transit lounge when travelling …. you have left where you’re from and not yet where you going . 2021 and I are sensing our flight is being called and we are approaching the gate….. I’m apprehensive for sure, however, I’ve learned I can rely on loved ones and fellow travellers to look out for me ( and vice versa) and that primal need to belong and be seen and responded to is healthy ….. and to remember if it isn’t love that’s showing up in another it’s most definitely FEAR …..and with a little compassion ( and less CNN) we will all walk ( or fly ) each other safely home . Happy Landings everyone 💖💖💖

  2. 2021 is being a not easy year. The pandemic is there to remind us that precaution is always good. But I can feel that we can face the difficulties with courage and enthusiasm, giving up never. I learned in special that colaborative networking is fundamental in a such situation and BNI offers that to us.

  3. In 2020 and the beginning of 2021, I was at home a lot. Although I was still attending various meetings online, my world had shrunk. So I resolved to make connections though phone calls, email, messenger and most recently by mail. Most people enjoy getting personal snail mail so starting in July I am mailing out 1 postcard or note a day to family and friends.

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