The Current State of Networking Education

In this video, networking expert Tiffanie Kellog presents me with a burning question from the Certified Networker Community which she is a part of in Tampa Bay, Florida.  They brought up the fact that I’ve mentioned in some of my books that networking is not taught in schools and, thus, they asked Tiffanie to relay to me the following question:

“Dr. Misner, since you’ve gotten involved in networking, have you seen a shift indicating that we might be making some progress as far as networking education beginning to be provided in schools? . . .Has anything changed or is networking still not being taught at all?”

Watch the video now for my answer to this question, as well as my thoughts on one of the best places to go for a top notch networking education.  Also, if you have any suggestions/recommendations for useful resources relating to networking education, I’d love to hear them–please share your favorite networking resources in the comment forum below.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “The Current State of Networking Education

  1. I think that the ultimate responsibility should lie with the educators. You mention that some of the lecturers/professors have never had a real job to base their networking experience on but its just as important to set them up for networking as it is marketing or sales.

  2. I was lucky that one of the visiting teachers from Australia taught me about the importance of networking at my university, Maharishi Vedic University of Cambodia. He said that what he taught us might not be found in books for university professors. He taught us from his experiences in real life.

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