The Most Crucial Component for Referral Success

At a recent Referral Institute Conference, I was interviewed by Tiffanie Kellog (Trainer for the Referral Institute in Tampa, Florida) about the most crucial component for referral success.  Before you watch this short video where I give Tiffanie my answer, try to come up with a couple of possibilities for what my answer may likely be. 

After watching the video, I would love for you to share in the comment forum below what your initial guess or guesses were regarding what you thought my answer was going to be.  I’m very interested to see how many people had a pretty accurate idea of what I would say and how many people were completely surprised by the answer.  As always, I very much appreciate your input and participation in getting a conversation started–thanks!

7 thoughts on “The Most Crucial Component for Referral Success

  1. I thought it was going to be ‘follow up quickly’. The amount of referrals that go south due to people not making contact while the purchase is still a priority is amazing and sadly can reflect badly on the referrer.

  2. Neville, yes “follow up” is an important addition. I mentioned at the start of the video that there are more than two factors (because of time – I had to limit it). That said, I agree with you.

  3. First, qualified referrals are the #1 source of new business.The most crucial component for referral success is the confidence of a qualified referral source. That is gained thru knowledge of your product and prospect. Then, conveying assurance that there will be followup support for the product sold. With this back ground, the referral source will be eager to provide beneficial introductions to qualified referrals.

  4. I thought: ‘Content Detail’ however agree totally that Education and Accountability are more positive as an answer. Perhaps also the ability to evaluate the question whilst thinking in a more educated way. Still learning!!

  5. Education and Accountability. Not what I’d thought. However, I’ve decided to focus more on Education through BNI resources and have done so for the last 3 weeks. I have found that bringing consistent referrals has been a challenge for me. This week I was able to bring 6 referrals – 3 of them through BNI CONNECT when my BNI Chapter did not have someone in the category. Today, after our BNI meeting, I had a chat with the person who was President, through whom I joined BNI. I asked him if he would critique my 60 second presentations. Already he has given me a wealth of feedback and constructive criticisms. So, I’d have to say that both Education and Accountability are EXCELLENT ways to get results. I feel as though my journey to be a more valueable ‘giver’ to our Chapter has just begun.

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