Counting Your Referrals

Referrals are the backbone of word-of-mouth networking, am I right?

So if you reach out 100 people with a referral and ten reach back, did you give 100 or ten referrals?

Many would immediately assume the higher number, because let’s face it–100 is better than 10. But that isn’t the case!

But WHY is this?

I come to you today with a Vlog (video blog) of this exact question, asked of me during the BNI US Conference in April.

One thought on “Counting Your Referrals

  1. What the member did was PROMOTE the referral partner 100 times. And that’s GREAT! So often we fall into the “look for and listen for” referrals mode. That’s passive. If we really want to bring back the referrals for our partners, we need to act.

    1. Know your partners’ ideal or target referral.
    2. Know what to say when you are in frontof a target – their conversation starter.
    3. Make and execute plans to get in front of prospective targets.
    4. Be ready to promote your partners and do it.

    Not all of them will say, “Yes, I’d like to talk to your partner.” SWSWSWN (Some will, some won’t, so what, next) But some will if you promote, none will if you don’t. I’m sure the partners who received their share of the 10 referrals were grateful and 10 referrals is outstanding.

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