Conquering the Fear of Rejection

Fear is a powerful driver in most people’s lives. It dictates what we take risks on, it makes us hold back, and it even hinders us from reaching our potential.

The fear of rejection is an emotion that many of us carry in our personal lives, but it can very easily seep into our professional one as well. We all come to that nexus point in our lives: we can do something, or we can do nothing. The fear of rejection almost held me back from promoting my book, The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret, because I was worried some book stores wouldn’t want to carry my book. But you know what I realized?

Some will, some won’t–so what?

Watch the video below for more on conquering the fear of rejection.

5 thoughts on “Conquering the Fear of Rejection

  1. Thank You Ivan,
    Well done, so much Great wisdom…….
    When I started in sales 28 years ago going door to door, I learnt a lot about fear and rejection.First thing was to not take it personally which was hard and second thing was rejection is part of the process.I would keep track of my numbers, doors knocked, number of presentation and sales. I figured out I was being paid to be rejected ……Zig Ziglar said FEAR was False Evidence Appearing Real.
    Like you said Ivan what is the worst that could happen.Just go for it and expect to win….My advice to myself and other sales people was,the hardest door to get through is your car door……Just Do It!!!!
    Michael Crawley
    Business Link

  2. Years ago, Werner Erhard, Tony Robbins, taught me: “Some will, some won’t. Some do, Some Don’t. So What…” I added “NEXT!”

    That moves me forward when those sneaky little fears between to creep in…

    My life is about making a difference as well as making a living…

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  3. Thank you Dr. Misner for your wisdom and willingness to share your experience with others. I always find that BNI materials keep me motivated and make me more successful.

  4. Thanks for the reminder….”Think you can, think you can’t, either way you’ll be right”…..practice…”I think I can”!

  5. Very inspiring. Really means a lot to me. Cause when you trying alone and trying hard you need a bit of motivation to move more further and stronger. Thanks again Dr. Ivan Misner.

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