Classic Video Feature–Networking Faux Pas: Not Following Up

I have been doing video blogs for quite a few years now and a while back it occurred to me that some of the videos I’ve previously posted focus on timeless topics that deserve to be revisited and not buried way back in the video blog archive.  For this reason, I decided to occasionally feature a “classic” video blog from my blog archive and today I am sharing the fourth one–”Networking Faux Pas: Not Following Up”

In this video, I talk about the faux pas which I see happen most out of all the faux pas which can possibly occur in the world of networking.  It also happens to be the faux pas which frustrates me the most (Seriously–it drives me crazy!)–it’s when you give a networking partner a referral and they drop the ball and don’t follow up on it.

Remember, if you aren’t following up when your referral partners call you and/or aren’t following up on the referrals you’re given, you’re not just losing business . . . you’re also losing your credibility and that’s something which is extremely difficult to earn back.  So, for those of us in parts of the world who are currently starting a brand new year, why not make a vow right now to make following up our number one networking priority this year?  I guarantee it will pay off in big ways. 

Have you had an experience where you gave a referral to someone and they didn’t follow up on it?  If so, will you continue to give that person referrals?  Or, have you dropped the ball on following up on a referral before?  If the answer is yes, did you learn a lesson from it?  Please share your experiences in the comment forum below.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Classic Video Feature–Networking Faux Pas: Not Following Up

  1. Enjoying your blogs, Dr. Ivan. In one titled “In-Person Spamming” you and your partner share that networking is about developing relationships. Therefore, one might deduce that the strength of your network is only as strong as your relationships. The referral store you share here about a reference not being reliable is difficult to hear. Thank you for another fantastic post!

  2. Following up is very important and sometimes delicate. Recently had two referral that I followed up quickly and efficiently… They were interested and asked a lot of great questions… Then both of them had deaths in their close families that was devastating for them… Is sending flowers okay? I did send cards…Now I am conflicted about how soon is the appropriate time to restart this conversation…?

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