Chernobyl Cheese

Chernobyl Cheese – defined as cheese that can survive a nuclear disaster.

I’ve been wanting to write about my “Chernobyl Cheese” experience for a while now. Since my wife and I are currently working on the final draft of our Misner Plan recipe book, I thought this might be a good time.

Back in 2013, we transitioned from our home in Southern California to a home in Austin, Texas. In late 2014, we moved all of our remaining furnishings out of the Southern California home. I checked the contents of the refrigerator to make sure it was empty. Much to my surprise, I discovered a small, opened (but resealed shut) bag of sliced cheese which had been sitting in the back of a drawer in the refrigerator for a year! An entire year!!! The “sell by” date was September 7, 2013!

I thought to myself, “don’t look at it – it’s going to be a petri dish in a bag.” I need to go out and get an HAZMAT suit before I handle this infectious item. But, I couldn’t help myself, and I peeked. I was expecting to spontaneously utter some line out of Apocalypse Now like… “The horror, the horror.” But, instead, to my surprise – the cheese looked great! Not a single fungal-like substance to be seen. Actually, it looked as fresh as the day we bought it.

How could that possibly be? Real cheese doesn’t hold-up in a refrigerator for a year – even if it is in a zip-sealed bag. The answer – processed food is not real food. It may have some food-like ingredients but it certainly doesn’t behave like real food does. Real food typically doesn’t last in a fridge for more than a year. One of the fundamental elements of the Misner Plan is: “Eat real food.”

For those of you following my journey into health, be on the lookout for our upcoming book: Healing Begins in the Kitchen, which should be released in a few months.

We seriously considered naming the book “Cure Yourself Before You Kill Yourself,” but the lawyers didn’t approve of that title!

I’d love to hear your food- or health-related stories. Comment below.

8 thoughts on “Chernobyl Cheese

  1. After my mother-in-law died I found six eggs in her fridge that were 9 years old. They had dried out completely and were basically just a shell. Over that 9 years she had daily healthcare visits, including new shopping being put in the fridge, weekly cleaning etc and nobody had checked them. So much for care in the community!

  2. As someone with a heart condition, I had the first small episode in 2002 and the latest one in July 2016. Until about 2012, I had been into real food, exercise and even got back into Track & Field! However, things were going so well that I thought I as invincible and fast food joints started creeping in at lunchtime and weekends. After a heart attack in July, the Doctor said I had we all come with an expiration date and I had had two warnings! After the medicines are done with, it comes down to the diet and that means down to basics and eating real food. Please, everyone fruit and vegetables are good, with some meat occasionally.

  3. Upon celebrating my 50th birthday, I decided to take a look at what had learned during my first fifty and how would use that knowledge for my next fifty. My family had a history of diabetes, heart disease and obesity and I was heading down a similar path. That summer I heard Dr. Joel Fuhrman speak. He is the author of several books including “End of Dieting” and “Eat to Live”, among others. I read these books and took on a 100 day challenge to eat a completely whole food, plant based diet. I could not believe what a improved health I felt in those first 100 days. I changed my lifestyle and have continued for the past three years. The health benefits included no longer having migraines, no longer on any medications, I lost 40 lbs. and I continue to have more energy and vitality than ever in my life. I avoid processed foods and only occassionally eat dairy and organic meats. Best decision I ever made.
    It is true….Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

  4. If you give directions using fast food restaurants, that’s a hint. If you can USE directions using fast food restaurants, that’s a hint also. They aren’t on my maps.

  5. I am all about eating real food, too. Can’t wait to buy both of the books! And I think “Cure Yourself Before You Kill Yourself,” is an awesome book title! Stupid lawyers, they ruin all the fun, lol! 😉

  6. Our family follows the teachings of Dr. Joel Wallach whose research shows that our bodies have the ability to fix themselves when given the right resources — and avoiding the foods that cause damage. Dr. Wallach has sued the FDA 8 times and won. One of his victories gave him the right to make qualified health claims about selenium and its anti-cancer effects. We can impact our health through nutrition and supplementation; we just need to give our bodies the essential nutrients they need. My passion is empowering people to make informed decisions about their health.

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