Celebrating 38 Years of BNI

January 8, 2023, marks the 38th anniversary of BNI® (Business Network International). It was 38 years ago that I launched the very first chapter in California, USA. By the way, the BNI Founder Chapter is still meeting every week!

I am very proud that we are celebrating 38 consecutive years of growth! That is an incredible achievement, and I don’t know of any other organization that can say they have done that.

I’ve learned that now, more than ever – people need their network to help them through good times and bad. Now, more than ever, BNI is there to help people create “referrals for life.” I am proud to share more in this video, including our members’ achievements this past year.

I am truly humbled by what BNI has become, and I am honored to still be active in the organization. And I hope to be active for many years to come. To me, BNI is not only a great way to get business – it’s an even better way to do business. 
By working together, we all grow together.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating 38 Years of BNI

  1. Congratulations, Dr. Misner!
    How old were you when all this started up? Under 30, right? Was it in your vision it will become the largest Networking organization in the world?

    It’s amazing the way it keeps growing and the way BNI is Changing The Way The World Does Business!

  2. Congratulations Dr. Ivan Misner on 38 years! I am a founding member of the Media 1 Chapter in Pennsylvania and have now been with BNI for 26 years. Great experiences and great connections. I was Chapter President when Covid hit and still feel amazed by how Quickly BNI got the Zoom arrangements and powerpoint app slides in place for us to continue to meet effectively. Thank you!!

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