Better Yourself by Asking Questionsstring(35) "Better Yourself by Asking Questions"

questionNo matter who you are, or what you do, there will always be something that you are not an expert in. As businesspeople, we are always working on honing our craft, profession, and interpersonal skills. Part of this never ending journey to better ourselves is asking questions to those who may be able to help us along the way.

Last week in the BNI Podcast, I started a new segment called “Ask Ivan.” Simply by emailing in, listeners of my podcast will be able to submit any question they would like to hear me answer. Shortly after launching the new segment, it occurred to me that podcast listeners aren’t the only ones who may have interesting questions. Readers on are just as likely to have burning educational questions.

Whether you have a specific question about referral marketing, would like me to discuss a segment from one of my books, or are curious about anything networking related, your question could be featured in a future blog or vlog.

As networking evolves, the questions on the minds of businesspeople around the world evolve, too.  That being said, be sure to send in your questions to and include your city and country. There is no such thing as a stupid question!

Millennials Have Bad Mannersstring(28) "Millennials Have Bad Manners"

[Note: from time to time I get “comments” below from people who are just reacting to the title and haven’t actually watched the video to see the true message.  It’s amazing to see the vitriolic responses (which I remove). It really helps to watch the video first.]

It’s a phrase that has been echoed throughout the years about any given era’s younger generation . . . “Young people today have bad manners.”   It seems like every generation looks at the next generation and finds fault.   Currently, it’s today’s Millennial Generation which is being saddled with this proverbial character judgment.

But, is this assessment of Millennials really accurate? Do they truly deserve this negative estimation of their generation’s collective attitude?

In this video, I  explain not only why I disagree with the bad reputation many older folks associate with Millennials, but also why I firmly believe that the Baby Boomers of my generation should take a good hard look at how they themselves were viewed by previous generations back in the ’60s and ’70s, and why they should then reconsider their assumptions about Millennials.

I’m really eager to hear your thoughts and opinions on this one!  What do you think about today’s youth?  Also, I’d particularly like to hear what you think about the ‘old guys’ complaining about today’s youth.  Please share your feedback in the comment forum below.  I read absolutely every comment and I’d love to hear from you–thanks!