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In 2007, BNI® launched an initiative called International Networking Week® which is held during the first week of February every year.

International Networking Week began as a way to help business leaders around the world connect with each other and build their networking skills together. The goal is to recognize the power of networking and celebrate its key role in the development and success of businesses across the globe.

It is about creating an awareness relating to the process of what I call “relationship networking,” an approach to doing business based on building long-term, successful, and mutually beneficial relationships through the networking process.

Watch this video to learn about the 18th annual event February 4-10, 2024.

How to Be Part of International Networking Week

Everyone is invited to take part in local and global events happening February 4th – 10th. Register for a local networking event, reconnect with a former colleague or customer, or visit a BNI Chapter.

BNI Members and Directors can participate in virtual and in-person Speed Networking events to connect with businesspeople in your region, country or from around the world.

Help us reach our collective goal of 500,000 1-2-1 meetings in a week by completing five 1-2-1s with other BNI members between February 4-10, 2024. (Do at least ONE 1-2-1 that week to be part of the record.😊)

And share your stories about how networking has impacted your business and your life. Use #INW2024 to connect with others and celebrate the incredible breakthroughs that come from networking.


I believe that networking is not only a great way to get business, it is a great way to DO business. International Networking Week celebrates relationship networking which is about creating long-term relationships to build your business. Mark your calendar and be part of this special event!