Circles of Support

Richard Branson Shares his Circles of Support Conceptstring(53) "Richard Branson Shares his Circles of Support Concept"

Last week, I was back on Necker Island to celebrate “International Networking Week®” by “networking up” my circles of support with Richard Branson. I did a video a few years ago with Richard when we talked about a concept he had called, “the B Team”. It was brilliant and as a result of that conversation, we created the “Business Voices” initiative for the BNI Foundation. My wife, Beth, came up with that concept based on the conversation we had with Richard.

The B Team

Richard has an organization called “The Elders”, which is supporting some of the big issues in the world today: such as climate change and other things. He thought that maybe a business version of “The Elders” would be good too. They now have about 40 of the topmost respected business people in the world as part of “The B Team”. They are doing great things.

In his book, “Finding my Virginity”, Richard discusses his concept about circles of support. It perfectly aligns with my networking organization. Richard shares with me about circles of support in this video.

Circles of Support

According to Richard, when a new person joins Virgin, they will say, “Don’t try to solve all the problems of the world, just draw a circle around yourself first”. Start by drawing a circle around yourself to make sure everything inside that circle is working well. Ask yourself: Am I meeting my fitness goals? Have I got my alcohol intake right? Have I got my work-life balance in harmony? Once you feel that circle is fine, you widen the circle to include family and friends. Once all that is manageable, you can start thinking about bigger things and do everything you can to help others. If you have a small business, make a difference in your city. Support local programs that support health or education. Finally, you can draw a circle around your country and the last circle around the world.

circles of supportOrder this book by Richard Branson on Amazon

I highly recommend the book, “Finding my Virginity”, by Richard Branson. The concept of managing your circles of support on page 354 works so well for BNI members. The network that I created is where you got a small circle of people and over time, taking that circle a step further by building relationships. If everybody who reads this blog creates a circle, the world will be a better place.

circle of support



Love Is Just Damn Good Business

Love Is Just Damn Good Business – Ivan’s Inner Circle Interviewstring(75) "Love Is Just Damn Good Business – Ivan’s Inner Circle Interview"

Join me as I join fellow Transformational Leadership Council member and friend, Steve Farber, to discuss topics from his book, “Love is Just Damn Good Business”. Steve is one of the best speakers I’ve seen on the stage.  His message is both surprising and impactful about focusing on finding love in creating a damn good business.

According to Steve, “Love is what leads to customer loyalty, it’s what leads to word-of-mouth and growing your organization.”

I think this advice is spot on. If your customer relationships are held in as high regard as the service you provide, you can only benefit. Customers want to love you-they want to trust and believe in you, which are foundational building blocks of love. Focus on building those blocks with the goal of creating loving, loyal customer relationships, and you’ll create a strong reputation that will hold up in the business community.

His game-changing approach to love as a practical business strategy will help you to:

  • Identify your passions and share them with others
  • Create a culture of love at work and spark innovation, productivity, and joy
  • Serve your customers, so they love how you treat them and have them coming back for more
  • Invest time in making personal connections that are mutually rewarding
  • Focus on serving the needs of others they’re going to love it
  • Do what you love and make it your business, so others love it, too

Love Is Just Damn Good Business,” is one of my favorite books and I am looking forward to these interviews with Steve. We are going to host three different sessions so it is convenient for everyone to join us:

Monday, December 9th at 10:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 11:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

Click here to register: SteveFarberWebinar

Steve Farber, the founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, is a popular keynote speaker and leadership expert. Steve’s been featured on my blog before. He’s the bestselling author of The Radical Leap, The Radical Edge, and Greater Than Yourself. Learn more about Steve on his website at

I hope you are able to make one of our sessions as I know this will prove to be a great use of your time.


This is no Jokestring(15) "This is no Joke"

Your business NEEDS to have a doorman (or woman).

This is someone who helps control the flow of people into your world so that the negative influences who will cause stress and discomfort don’t even reach you.

What if I were to tell you that I learned a strategy after writing my most recent book, “Who’s In Your Room,” that happens to be as relevant and important for your NETWORK! This is your final opportunity to register for my upcoming FREE MasterClass called, Who’s In Your Network, on Thursday, May 2nd at 1pm ET (10am PT).

Can you imagine living a better life? Would you like to surround yourself with more supportive people? There’s hope! You see, the quality of your life and the success of your business depends on the people in your life.

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Ivan’s Inner Circle – You Asked… We Listened.string(51) "Ivan’s Inner Circle – You Asked… We Listened."

We just launched Ivan’s Inner Circle.  It was introduced with the training and private support community connected to the software platform provided by SYNDUIT.

Jared Yellin (Founder of SYNDUIT) and I got on a call 72-hours ago and we decided to unbundle this package so that people who wanted access to our training and support community by itself – can do so, and people who wanted access to our training, AND the SYNDUIT marketing software can do so as a separate bundle.  Hence, you can get just the training and support of Ivan’s Inner Circle and/or the SYNDUIT platform – whatever works best for you.

This is a really big opportunity for any business who wants to become a master networker, create predictable referrals, increase their success as a marketer, scale their business, all while living a balanced lifestyle. The curriculum for Ivan’s Inner Circle represents the knowledge, experience, (and yes, a lot of the gray hair) that I have acquired over the past four decades working with hundreds of thousands of businesses.  And, you now have unrestricted access to all of it.

Take a look at this curriculum (so far – more to come!):

  • Module 1 – Who’s In Your Network?
  • Module 2 – Networking Like A Pro
  • Module 3 – Ignite Your Brand
  • Module 4 – List Building 101
  • Module 5 – The Networking Disconnect
  • Module 6 – Santa Claus and Six Degrees
  • Module 7 – Build And Implement An Annual Marketing Plan
  • Module 8 – Business Networking and Gender
  • Module 9 – Behavior Styles And Networking
  • Module 10 – Social Media Marketing With No Budget
  • Module 11 – Truth Or Delusion
  • Module 12 – Networking Up
  • Module 13 – What’s Your Verb
  • Module 14 – Webinar Wizardry
  • Module 15 – Storytelling
  • Module 16 – Mastering Your Calendar
  • Module 17 – A New Revenue Stream With Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 18 – Garage To Global
  • Module 19 – Your Vision, Mission, and Core Values
  • Module 20 – Delivering Your Call-To-Action With Confidence
  • Module 21 – Launching An Online Challenge
  • Module 22 – The Secret To Balance

Plus, you will gain complete access to “Ivan’s Inner Circle Private Facebook Community” where both Jared and I will answer your questions, offer regular ideas and inspiration, and host Live Q&A sessions only for our members.

To honor you, we have a Founding Member special and I hope you are able to grab a spot. The first 1,000 people who sign up for Ivan’s Inner Circle will gain LIFETIME access. Yes, this means FOREVER!  You’ll have access to the content and the support group for the life of the program.

What you’ll get is the following:

  • Let Dr. Ivan Misner and Jared Yellin become your mentors
  • More than two-dozen never-before-seen modules focused on networking, referral generation, sales, marketing, scaling your business, having it all, and so much more!
  • Access from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Invitation to the Ivan’s Inner Circle Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive live Q&A sessions with Dr. Ivan Misner And Jared Yellin (only available for members of Ivan’s Inner Circle)

Total Value – $795/year

 Founding Member Special – LIFETIME Access Only $495 one-time!

I am donating 100% of my royalties from Ivan’s Inner Circle to a non-profit charity supporting children and education.

(Limited to 1,000 Members) 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

I invite you and encourage you to become a Founding Member by visiting and grabbing your spot today. Plus, think of one other business that would benefit from being on the inside of our community and invite them to join as well.

My 10-year vision is officially real and I appreciate all of you who shared your desire to unbundle this program so that you could gain access to what you want and need.

I will see you on the inside!