Can You Quantify How You Strengthen Your Network?

connectionsHow are you tracking your business success? You’re probably not, which is fine, but can make it extremely difficult to not only expect, but quantify, growth and success. You’d be surprised the number of businesspeople I talk to from all industries who say they want to grow their business, but when I ask by how much, they simply stare at me. Even worse are the stares I get when I ask what they have actively done to grow your business.

You cannot expect change and growth without actively working to strength your network and business. It simply won’t happen.

Most people can name specific things they do to improve their skill at a hobby they are passionate about, but so rarely is that passion carried over into their own business. Below is a list of quantifiable things you can do to strength your network, improve relationships with referral partners, and ultimately help foster the growth of your business.

How many can you check off? Let me know in the comments!

  • Send a Thank You card – but make sure it is handwritten!
  • Call to check in
  • Arrange a 1-to-1
  • Offer a referral to someone without them having to ask for one
  • Include them in a regular newsletter for your company
  • Send an article of interest to your contact
  • Set up a group activity to bring together your networks
  • Attend a networking event (and bring someone with you!)
  • Display your partner’s brochure or flyer at your business

You should aim to do one to two of these things a week to consistently be developing your relationships with your network. And, of course, there are plenty of things you could do that aren’t on this list. What could you add?

3 thoughts on “Can You Quantify How You Strengthen Your Network?

  1. Another great blog Ivan,

    One of the ways I try to interact and indeed encourage BNI members to, is using social media to interact with people. This is especially powerful if you are thanking them or giving positive feedback. Simply talking about networking on social media often encourages people to become involved.

  2. I really enjoys the weekly blog, it really gives me a broader view if networking .

    I most always send my clients thank cards which are hand written. I shows personal gratitude when notes are hand written. I tries to continuously do 1-1 with my partners, attend networking events, and setup activity along with displaying my partners cards and flyers.

  3. Great reminders as always Ivan. When I attend other events I always try and find a connection for another member and/or a client that also helps the person I am meeting. I find this works as it shows how you help others and it not just about you and getting more business. You can then develop that relationship in the future for them to discover how they can help you.

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