Can Cultural Differences be Affecting Your Networking Success?


A few weeks ago, I spoke at an event in Israel and while I was there, I got to talking to my good friend Sam Schwartz about the very different networking styles and tendencies which occur from country to country.

It is very important to consider and respect cultural differences when networking and doing business in different countries across the globe and, in this short video, Sam and I discuss why it is important and how you can prepare yourself in order to achieve great networking results no matter where in the world you may be.

After watching the video, please share your own stories in the comments section about the differences in business and networking styles and tendencies you’ve observed when networking in various countries around the world.  Also, be sure to visit the following website which is a fantastic educational resource in regard to cultural differences:

One thought on “Can Cultural Differences be Affecting Your Networking Success?

  1. The blog “Can culture differences be affecting your networking success?” was exactly what I want to discuss throughout the term. It is very important for businessman be aware of the cultural differences. Understanding how different countries have its own culture in order to reduce unnecessary conflict is really helpful. Instead of writing a whole page of culture differences, the web demonstrated the concept by showing a video. Some of the cultural difference they mentioned in the video was distances, body language, and directness.

    From the pass learning experiences, the realization of one’s culture is very important. Be aware of cultural dynamics is a difficult task because culture is not conscious to us. Since our experiences, our cultural background leads us to see and do things in a certain way. It is not easy to step outside of your cultural boundaries in order to realize the impact that our culture has on our behavior. After years of meeting and working with people from different countries, I’ve built a strong cultural awareness. When I first moved to the United States, I’ve been through so many “cultural shocks”. I was overwhelmed by the thrill of being in a totally new and unusual environment. Gradually I become aware of the fact that my old habits and routine ways of doing things. The questions arise and led me toward why people are doing things the way they do. There must be a reason they do things in certain way. I quickly noticed the difference and watched people and their reactions. Once I realized the different, I’d discuss my curiosities with my friends who were from different countries. Exchange our experiences on the things we know, and laughed with the subjects didn’t make sense to us.

    Fitting in one’s culture is an easier way to live in a foreign country comfortably. Generally speaking, as long as you remain friendly, courteous, and dignified there should not be a huge misunderstand that cannot be solved.

    Cultural difference is a very interesting subject. Sharing my personal experience and learning from other’s experience help to develop good relationship between people.

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