The Butterfly Effect of Networking Explained

The Butterfly Effect is part of chaos theory, which is a part of mathematics.  It basically proposes that the flapping of the wings of a butterfly alter something extremely minute but which starts a domino effect of altering one thing after another until something finally gets altered which actually changes the weather.   So what does the Butterfly Effect have to do with networking?  Take 5 minutes to watch this video and find out!  I tell a pretty powerful story about how the Butterfly Effect caused some very unexpected things to happen in my life, resulting in an amazing experience.

As I’ve mentioned in a couple of my recent video blog posts, Jack Canfield, Gautam Ganglani, and I are currently working together on a book about networking.  Today’s video is one of several short videos I’ll be posting which cover networking topics we will be focusing on in the book.  These videos are the result of brainstorming sessions for the book and, ultimately, we want to gather stories from networkers like you who have experience with the different topics I discuss in these videos.

If you have a story relating to the ‘Butterfly Effect of Networking’ which demonstrates the power of this concept in a significant or remarkable way, please visit to submit your story for a chance to be published in the upcoming book on networking that Jack Canfield, Gautam Ganglani, and I will be publishing.  Also, I’d love for you to briefly summarize your story in the comment forum below as well.  Thanks in advance for your participation!

7 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect of Networking Explained

  1. As the Business Coach who asked you for that favor years ago, Ivan, I’m so glad I had the guts to ask! I never get tired of hearing you tell this story. I was honored to work with you then and honored now to call you my friend.

  2. Great story! And when I look at the response of Kim I get it very clear that everything you want for yourself and your life is possible by asking! The other thing that touches me is that by giving you can so much more that you could ever dream about. With this story I can inspire and empower my Members and myzelf ongoing! Thank you for sharing.

  3. The day I called the doctor to book me off, as I was so miserable at work. I was invited a week earlier to attend a BNI meeting and I loved it. My boss at that time said no to the idea that I join BNI. Adele Benvie is the lady that I want to thank for my butterfly effect. So three months later I could not get BNI out of my mind. I resigned on the Wednesday (just after my pay reflected in my account) giving 30 days notice, hoping they would let me go immediately. In the insurance industry they don’t want you to stay. I phoned Yvonne Duke to ask for an opening – the only opening was in Amanzimtoti on the South Coast. Guess where I was residing – correct in Amanzimtoti. I got up that Friday morning extra early. Got to the meeting place first. Waited about 20 minutes before the Visitor Host turned up. Two weeks later the chapter asked me to become the Secretary Treasurer – correct I said yes immediately. One year later I become the Vice President. One year later Yvonne asked me to become Assistant Director. Two years later Yvonne called again and asked if I would like to buy the region – I said yes once again… My life has never been better – I love BNI, I love life and most of all I love Adele Benvie – they butterfly in my butterfly effect. Thank you Ivan for starting BNI when you did. 1985 was a good year for me too – I met my wonderful husband in the same year.

  4. BNI is Very well structured and works well regardless of businesses. I am grateful to Dr Ivan and his wonderful wife and team for their untiring efforts to make it even better by contributing more. Givers gain is miraculous concept that every individual can practice in their daily life. For me, BNI is more than a community, a way of life. I am refining my understanding on power of referrals to become a successful giver.

  5. Love this story. Sat nodding every step of the way. I have changed the phrase ýou never know who knows who’ to ”ýou never know who knows who who knows who” and no-one is irrelevant!

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