35th Anniversary

BNI® is Celebrating its 35th Anniversary This Week

BNI’s 35th anniversary is this week! The official kick-off of the first BNI group was January 8th, 1985.

35 years ago, I put together about 20 people in a small coffee shop in Arcadia, California for the very first meeting of BNI® (Business Network International).  Furthermore, the original organization, “The Network”, was run from a small bedroom that was converted into an office inside my house in La Verne, California. I recognized back then that I had struck a chord within the business community.  We don’t teach networking in colleges and universities anywhere in the world, and business people are hungry for referrals. They simply had no viable way to generate them regularly back in 1985.

In some ways, it seems like yesterday.

It is BNI’s 35th Anniversary this week!

In light of BNI’s 35th anniversary, I share the story of BNI’s surprisingly accidental beginnings. Furthermore, I open up about my astonishment at just how successful BNI has become. Please watch my special 35th anniversary message video by clicking here.

A must-watch video for BNI members worldwide! Please encourage all your BNI members to watch this video by playing the video during your BNI meeting this week as the “Purpose and Overview of BNI” and by posting this video’s YouTube URL on your BNI National, Regional, and chapter Social media pages too. 

It has been an incredible 35 years.  I am humbled by what BNI has become.  Its impact on the world of business and on individual lives continues to spread. I feel so proud of how the Givers Gain® philosophy has expanded around the world and I can never get enough of hearing about people’s experiences in the organization.

I look forward to many more years as part of BNI and hope to see most of you along the ride.

4 thoughts on “BNI® is Celebrating its 35th Anniversary This Week

  1. First and foremost, Dr. Misner, thank you. I have shared with you in the past that you, or anyone for that matter, will be able to fully measure the incredible positive impacts that you, through BNI have had on the lives of BNI Members and the lives of their families, friends and associates. Parents are in better positions to provide for their families, entrepreneurs are able to see their dreams, with hard work become a reality. Businesses have stayed open, and in many cases thrived during the most challenging of economic times. Lifelong relationships built on trust, mutual accountability, structure and education have developed and expanded. Learning to live a life of Givers Gain® has been the MOST positive and rewarding philosophy that I have adopted and share with the people that I meet. Again, on behalf of Joann and myself, I humbly thank you. ~Mark

  2. Thank you Dr Misner for not only having the vision and passion to start BNI but also follow through year after year year to make it grow and become so successful! It has been a blessing to me in so many ways for the 13 years I’ve been a chapter member.

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