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I met Starr Hall at an Entrepreneur Magazine Conference that we both spoke at last year and she did a really impressive presentation on social media marketing.

One of the things she discussed was the concept of “BizPer” Social Media Marketing. She said that about half of your social media posts should be about business and about half should be personal.

I love the concept but, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the percentage.  I definitely believe that people want to see a little of me as a person via my social media – but, I don’t think that half the posts I do should be fully personal.  Granted, I think that a business message about a personal experience is very good – but, that is still business – not personal.

So, here’s my question to you:  What do you think the best BizPer split  (business focus vs. personal focus) for someone in business to use as a gauge for their social media posts would be?  50/50? 60/40? 70/30? 80/20???

Something else?  How much of your social media (in the context of a business person) should be devoted to personal postings? I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this . . .

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  1. i think it depends on the company’s culture. For myself & what I advise most my clients to do is 100% business for the Facebook business Page & LinkedIn updates. For Twitter, at least 80% business. For the Facebook personal Profile, about 90% personal, and I’ll share events & updates from my referral sources that I think my friends & family would be interested in.

  2. Maybe what Star Hall need to share is how you personally engage with social business and provide updates with the benefits and success you are experiencing. After all, your business and yourself is a one single entity. Well, that’s only my perception. But then, if I am going to rate my personal sharing in my business blog that could be 60 for business and 40 for myself. Thanks for this very interesting topic.

  3. For me it’s about 90/10. I use Twitter/Blog/linkedIn almost exclusively for business and I use Facebook almost exclusively for personal, although I do have a Facebook page for my business that auto-updates from my blog. My business is Business to Business. If it were Business to Consumer then the proportion of Personal posts would probably increase.

  4. One has to know their audience and posts need to reach those who know you well….not as well and not at all… a balance must be reached between personal and business that reaches your audience. Posts need to be personable and relate-able to your audience.

  5. It can’t be the same set percentage for every business… it depends on your clientelle. What kind of information are they expecting from you? Do they expect to get to know you? Social media is replacing the personal-client-visit in some cases, so how would you want to come across if you were dropping by for a visit?

  6. What a great question. I am going to go out on a limb here and take the other side. Social Media Marketing would not exist if it had been up to business for it’s survival. I speak and at many events and this is the one thing that is very difficult for business owners to wrap their minds around. The fact that conventional marketing has always been about business and this type of marketing does not work in the social world. Social marketing is about what kind of coffee you like. It is about “How was your vacation?” Think about it. The first word is “SOCIAL” – topics and things that are important to your followers not you. Imagine you are on a trip with you next potential client and this trip is about three hours. The majority of your conversation is not going to be about your business. Social Media Marketing is about the journey not the destination. We know the destination is to have new clients. Guess what, they know that as well. The next word is “MEDIA” – Photos, videos, audio. Studies show that on Facebook photos generate the best response and no they should not be photos of your products. The LAST word is “MARKETING” it is almost the after thought of a good conversation. The marketing aspect is like salt and pepper on a meal. It is not the meal and you really don’t need that much. Dating sites were the first social networks built to meet a need within people for relationships. That is what people want and need, not your latest special or sale. Give them a relationship and they will become a client. You can read much more on our Facebook page, or our blog site as well. Or you could give me a call, but be forewarned, most likely, we will talk about coffee.

  7. I think it depends on which site you are on and what your initial intentions were. For instance, on your personal facebook page I think the ratio should be like one to 5. For every five posts, one can be about business and 4 should be more personal. If you have a business fan page on facebook the opposite holds true. The intention of the page was always business and if you have fans that “liked” you under these circumstances, then it is expected. However, I believe even those posts should be broken down into providing relative helpful info and selling your services. Twitter should follow those same rules too. I will personally stop following you if you are trying to sell me something with each post. I want something more. I want information that I can use personally or share with others. I want to create relationships.

    Having said all of that, I have built my entire business on relationships. Social media is a way to perpetuate those relationships as well as create new ones. There really is no black and white, just some random guidelines. You have to do what feels right for you. If you feel great about slamming people with info or over selling then do it. Just know that it will get lonely real fast. Be a human. People like that.

    Here’s an example: I utilize many platforms to create relationships but my biggest and most successful has been my personal facebook page. Rather than selling on this page I have branded myself as a dad, chiropractor, wellness educator, music enthusiast etc. I have lots to talk about. Even though I don’t really sell anything on this page, everyone knows what I do and knows where to get if and when they need or want it. The other day I posted something about the kids tv show iCarly. It was a silly post but 22 people commented on it and it was a lot of fun. 2 days later when I walked into my weekly BNI meeting, at least 10 people commented on it to me in person. The point of this story is that posts that show that you are human and not a machine can be very beneficial.That particular one started conversations and nurtured relationships which will eventually lead to really great referrals. Hope this helps.


    1. Thank you Roger for writing this post comment; I totally agree. It is all to do with relationship first. You said, exactly right. Yes, be human with compassion for the other person.

  8. Greg and Roger, You hit it right on. There is nothing more annoying to me than for a “friend” to try and see me something. That is why there are pages that you “like” which gives a business permission to offer deals, give tips, and suggest news worthy articles and posts. I can’t image a 50/50 split being very successful but I do believe it has a whole lot to do with the business itself. Greg and Roger- well said.

  9. Allen, I totally agree. 80% business on business pages for most businesses. There are some businesses that may lend themselves to have more personal postings on their business page. 80% personal on profiles and I don’t think exceeding the 20% business postings on personal pages is a good idea, it tends to alienate your “friends”.

  10. Well I thought it time for some UK input! I find the subject very informing as it is something we are still trying to get to grips with the whole Social media experience in the UK .
    But I guess for me Rogers comments above nail the “Social” media question and offer me some better direction and use.
    So thanks Don

  11. Yes, I agree on the 60 percent on the business pages to be a friend first, then business. In that they can know, like and trust you before the business. It also, depends on the type of business you are representing., I believe in either business or personal being a friend first. Everyone, needs a friend, and everyone needs someone they can know, like and trust.

  12. I agree with Greg above. I continually hear about people who, while silent, follow me on FB and really appreciate the levity and fun I bring to my business. I do have times around an event that my posts are more business, but otherwise I try to keep the content interesting and fun. As a designer, I might talk about Pantone’s trend colors & then how awful I look in orange.

  13. I segment mine out. I use my Facebook page for personal and my LinkedIn page solely for business. I maintain a professional image with my Facebook posts and even have clients as friends. However, I do warn them as we friend each other that I use my Facebook page mostly for personal use. It works well for me and if people want to, they can get to know me (and my family) on a more personal level. It gives us more to talk about and relate to.

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