Be a Value-Added Friend

Do the people who know you consider their relationship with you to be valuable? Are you a “Value-Added Friend?”

At first glance, it may seem like a way of allowing friends and connections to “use” you. In reality, it helps solidify the likelihood of a long-term relationship with that individual.

Powerful and successful businesspeople want their networks to be strong, deep, and broad. You want your relationships to help strengthen, deepen, and expand the networks of others. You may be wondering, “So how do I do this?”

How do you become a Value-Added Friend?

First, you need to get to know the people who make up your referral team. You want to do more than scratch the surface – you want to really know these people, and you want them to feel like they know you as well. Be aware of how they react to you, and don’t ask them questions that are too personal or invasive. Ask questions about their business, about their hobbies and passions. Understand their goals and learn how you can help them. Once you help someone achieve a goal, you become a Value-Added Friend.

So, how do we become that Value-Added Friend?

  1. Build quality relationships.
    Relationships are a time commitment; they are an investment of your time that is certainly worthwhile. Go beyond your everyday, standard business interactions to truly deepen your relationships and get to know your friends and referral partners. The stronger your friendship, the more you can expect from each other’s networking efforts.
  2. Do more than just show up.
    Seriously. You need to establish credibility and trust with the people at your business networking meetings or events, so just showing up and saying, “I’m here” isn’t going to cut it. You can become Visible with your attendance; however, to build Credibility in the VCP Process®, you have to participate and connect with others while you’re there. Refer back to Number 1 above.
  3. Remember the Givers Gain® philosophy.
    Before you ask what others can do for you, ask what you can do for them. This is perhaps the most powerful way to deepen and widen your networks. You can offer to make an introduction; linking someone to a person you know can lead to profound outcomes. Sharing your knowledge or areas of your skills and expertise can be an impactful contribution to the success of others.

I remind everyone: Do not underestimate the power of helping other people.
When you help someone in a way that serves their needs, you begin to build a professional relationship. Get to know them, learn about their business and their goals. Be sincere when you offer to help, AND THEN DO IT! Sometimes, it is the small ways we help that lead to big results for our friends.

What are you doing to become a Value-Added Friend?




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