Battling Millennial Stereotypes in the Workplace

ID-100342595As I announced in my blog last week, for the 2016 International Networking Week, we’re asking that everyone bring a young professional to their networking meeting sometime between February 1 through 5, 2016.

Young professionals and millennials are hitting the job market in masses right now, and there are plenty of misconceptions regarding the age group. They’re lazy, they expect things to be handed to them, they can’t do things the way they have been done before. You name it, someone has said it – not just about them though, but about every generation before them, as well! Older generations always say that the one after them is like this; the only difference with millennials is the use of the internet to spread this.

While the stereotypes about millennials are just that – stereotypes – there are a few codes of conduct that millennials in particular need to be sure to adhere to in order to avoid negative views on them and their generation in the workplace or in business settings.

As if I even need to say it, say please and thank you. Good manners go a long way to establish credibility and a positive rapport with coworkers and contacts. Stand when you’re introduced to a new person, extend your hand for a handshake whether the other person is or not, and ignore the gossip around the office.

In the same vein with good manners, be respectful of others’ time. Never be late. It seems cliché, but people will never notice if you are on time, they’ll notice but say nothing if you’re early, but the moment you’re late, you’ve tarnished your reputation.

Finally, millennials should always be willing to take on additional responsibilities. When your boss or supervisor asks you to do something, always do it with a smile. Even if it is a task that isn’t in your job description, or is something that maybe you’ve never done before, you should always be willing to give something at work your all.

Millennials are fighting an uphill battle to gain credibility – a battle that as a whole the generation can definitely win.

What workplace suggestions do you have for millennials – or, if you are a millennial, what has worked for you? Share them in the comments below!

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