"What Dreams May Come" Producer Talks Emotional Connection

Movie Producer Barnet Bain: Emotionally-Charged Connections are Crucial to Your Success

Last October, I posted a video I did with referral marketing expert Eddie Esposito on emotionally-charged connections (CLICK HERE to view that video).  On a recent vacation in Bali, I had the opportunity to do this new, five-minute video with movie producer Barnet Bain (producer of the Academy Award winning film “What Dreams May Come”) which is a perfect follow-up video to the one I did previously with Eddie.

Here, Barnet shares his two-step process for unlocking the key to being able to connect emotionally with others in a way that always focuses on helping and supporting them which Bain emphasizes is critical in order for you to succeed in your own business, life, and relationships.

I find this process fascinating and it would be extremely powerful if, after watching the video, you would be willing to share in the comment forum what you learned about yourself upon completing the two-step process and also what you discovered as far as how you might better be able to form emotionally-charged connections with others based on your own unique experience.

To lean more about Barnet Bain, please visit www.BarnetBain.com.

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2 thoughts on “Movie Producer Barnet Bain: Emotionally-Charged Connections are Crucial to Your Success

  1. Ivan, Thank you for this. This is exactly right. So many of us play small in our lives (myself included) due to past hurts.
    Also, I teach BNI members in Member Success that when they are talking about their business, to be passionate about it. If they are not passionate about their business, how do they expect any one else to be. Great video.

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