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If you haven’t yet visited, now is the time to log on and let me know what’s on your mind!  Ask me any question you have about how to build your personal and professional network, and your question might be one of the questions I answer on the upcoming Feb. 16 Ask Ivan Misner Teleseminar!

If you’re not familiar with or with the accompanying teleseminars, let me explain.  On the third Tuesday of each month, I conduct a FREE teleseminar, co-hosted by my friend Alex Mandossian, where I answer a handful of questions selected from those submitted on

I encourage everyone to log on (to the website) and submit a question for me because the more of you who ask questions, the better idea I get about what kind of networking information most people are genuinely in need of.  Subsequently, this allows me to host the “Ask Ivan” calls and write blogs, articles and books that give information that specifically applies to your business and networking needs.

Once you’ve submitted your question, you’ll be given the call-in number for the next call.  Also, please note that it’s perfectly fine with me if you invite any of your friends and/or business colleagues to join the FREE calls as well.

I’m looking forward to reading your questions, so log onto now and ask away!

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