Ask Me A Question . . . C’mon, Any Question!

OK, wait, let me rephrase that . . . ask me any business networking question–not just any question. If you’re thinking along the lines of embarrassing moments and possible blackmail material, then you’re out of luck on this one ( Sorry, I’ve still got disclaimers on the brain after my blog about the legal system! :))

Anyway, I’m happy to announce that is now live, and this is your chance to ask me any question you have about how to build your personal and professional network.

On the third Tuesday of each month, beginning on Nov. 17 (10 a.m. Pacific/1 p.m. Eastern), I’ll be conducting a FREE, live teleseminar, co-hosted by my friend Alex Mandossian, where I’ll answer a handful of questions selected from those submitted on

I’m encouraging anyone and everyone to log on and submit a question for me. You’ll be given the call-in number once you’ve submitted your question, and it’s perfectly fine with me if you invite any of your friends and/or business colleagues to join the FREE calls as well.

I’m looking forward to reading your questions, so log onto now and ask away!

4 thoughts on “Ask Me A Question . . . C’mon, Any Question!

  1. Hi Ivan,

    I’m an Assistant Director in the UK with BNI, my profession is as a Speaker and Trainer in Success, in fact I just spoke at the South East Members Day in the UK and am running one of the Group Dance cards in Long Beach in two weeks.

    So I am getting lots of exposure to BNI Members and Directors about what I do.

    The question is, where I have struggled is with my particular profession which is running seminars and workshops to enable others to have they type of success I have had, I haven’t really hit on the right way to present this offering to enable BNI Members to refer me. They all attended and loved my events but referal beyond themselves is often difficult unless they are in something like Direct Selling where Personal Development is accepted as a part of business for everyone.

    Where I believe the issue is to refer me I think quite often the members feel they would be implying the person they are talking to needs help.

    I’m sure therapists and Hypnotherapists in BNI have a similar issue, outside of the simple things people would be prepared to discuss like a fear of flying.

    So, have you ever seen a really effective way of teaching fellow members to look for referals where the product or service is about helping people be more successful but can be done in a way that the member doesn’t feel they are implying or suggesting the other person needs help?

    I’ve come up with a number of ideas like them saying “Who do you know who really wants to be more successful?” but it isn’t an everyday type of conversation to slip in either.

    It’s the old classic, I have no issues or trouble coming up with hundreds of ideas for other members to enhance their 60 seconds and success in BNI, but I am the first to admit we are all still learning and am convinced there must be a better solution out there to what I am currently coming up with for myself.

    Thank You,


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