Are You Paying ‘Attention’ to Your ‘Intention?’

Today’s blog posting is from Betty Jo Waxman of Productive Learning and Leisure. I saw a presentation she did recently and really liked her material, which she has allowed me to share here:

You always have an intention –and it’s always working.  If you haven’t set one consciously, then your unconscious intention is in play!

Project yourself ahead, to some point in the future. Then, looking back, what would you like to come away with and how do you want to feel about it?  Answer = your intention.

What to Use It for:

  1. Long Term–where you’re going and who you’re becoming.
  2. Any situation that has some level of importance to you where you have some level of doubt about how it will turn out–really, doubt about how you will do/perform/feel. One “helpful” step:
    Commit it to paper!

Five “critical” factors:

  1. State it in the present or the past. The future never comes!
  2. State it in the positive; what you want, not what you don’t want.
  3. Identify what you want to achieve, not how you will achieve it.
  4. Make it believable . . . to you! You always believe something: Either you believe your intention is possible, or you believe it can’t happen–which becomes your intention!
  5. Your Attention must be in alignment with your Intention. What you give your attention to is what you’ll find, and in turn it’s what you will have the opportunity to engage in.

We have to master both Intention and Attention to take ourselves to the level of consciously creating our own success.

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