Is Your Path to Success Ignited by an Emotionally Charged Connection?

In this video, I talk with my good friend and partner in the Referral Institute, Eddie Esposito, about a very interesting concept he helped develop which I’ve never before mentioned on this blog site–Emotionally Charged Connection.

Many people are not conscious of their Emotionally Charged Connection, yet it’s the reason we get up in the morning and do the things we do every day.  It’s driven by the heart, not the check book or the head–there’s a big difference.  Once you become conscious of this Connection, you are able to understand and more effectively apply five important elements of success which we talk about in the video: Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategy, and Action.

After watching the video, if you’d like to learn more about ways to develop your emotionally charged connection with your prospective clients, go to and locate a franchise in your local area or call the Referral Institute main line and they will be happy to direct you to where you can get more information.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Path to Success Ignited by an Emotionally Charged Connection?

  1. I have really been learning about the power of this over the last couple of years at the Referral Institute. It was scary at first to be so personal with others about the “why” behind my business, however, what has really begun to happen is that the “right” clients and the “right” referral sources are being attracted to me. That means that I am working more on the exact kind of target market business that I am looking for, AND my clients are even happier that they are working with me because of the resonance between their ideals and mine. It is truly a beautiful thing, and I can’t wait to get to work in the morning – if you could call this work….

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