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Join Us To Become a Master Connector

Business leaders from around the globe will learn how to become a Master Connector on May 18th during the BNI Master Connector YouTube Live Event. I, along with a panel of experts, will be sharing ideas on how entrepreneurs can effectively build strong business relationships that can restart and ramp up their businesses.

Master Connector

On April 1, 2021, BNI kicked off a global movement, Master Connector, to unite organizations and business leaders worldwide to help local, national, and global businesses get back on the path to growth by building strong relationships with trust, giving referrals, and putting the “Connector Effect” to work in business and in life. Watch my video about becoming a Master Connector.

BNI’s Master Connector YouTube Live Event

If you are looking to grow your business beyond where it is today, then you will want to mark your calendar for May 18th, 2021 to watch BNI’s Master Connector YouTube Live Event on May 18th at either 8:00 am or 4:00 pm EDT. During each of the one-hour sessions, Graham Weihmiller (BNI Chairman and CEO) will be hosting an engaging panel discussion about becoming a Master Connector, with Diana Ninsiima Kabuuka (BNI Uganda National Director), Robert Skrob (President, Membership Services Inc.), and meClick here to register to attend one of the event sessions.

The BNI’s Master Connector Event will stream to over 70 countries via YouTube Live.  Viewers will enjoy learning about the Amazon Best-Selling book, “The Connector Effect”, which I co-wrote with Graham Weihmiller and Robert Skrob. The event also features the benefits of becoming a Master Connector and helps attendees understand that the person who builds trust by giving referrals and bringing visitors to their BNI chapter, is the person that experiences the greatest growth.

We are expecting tens of thousands of BNI Members, alumni, collaborators, and colleagues to attend these two sessions. Master Connector is a global initiative that will continue well past this event. We hope that the tools and tips that you learn will help your business successfully navigate through challenging times. Ultimately, we can build our business relationships together, create empowered networks, and give referrals to others.

“The Connector Effect”

Consider downloading Amazon’s Kindle version of “The Connector Effect” book where co-authors, Graham Weihmiller, Robert Skrob, and I, talk about how using “The Connector Effect” can make business more lucrative, rewarding, and fun.  This book supports the broader business community with tips on how to become Master Connectors. You’ll learn how to leverage your network and connections to effectively grow your business, and support those around you. Use this link to download the Kindle version of the book.


Master Connector Sessions Time Schedule

This one-hour event will stream to over 70 countries during two sessions via YouTube Live. The chart below lists the scheduled local time for your country.

Remember the Registration

Registration is now open to join us during one of the two event sessions. Visit  to register or click below.

BNI brings so many people together across so many boundaries for such a productive purpose.  Therefore, we invite visitors and build meaningful relationships with our fellow members. We extend our hand to those who are looking to grow their business to visit a local BNI chapter. You can receive an invitation to a BNI chapter in your area with this link: We can help and support your business in the essence of Givers Gain®. At BNI, we are Master Connectors and we invite you to become a Master Connecter, too.

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