Is It Appropriate to Network Anywhere–Even at a Funeral?

In this video, ask you to consider whether or not you think it’s appropriate to network anywhere, any time, any place . . . even at a funeral.

What do you think? Do you think networking at a funeral is a good idea?  Chances are, most people reading this will answer with something along the lines of, “Heck no!  Passing out business cards at a funeral would be completely inappropriate–not to mention offensive”

Though I certainly agree that passing out business cards at a funeral would likely be one of the worst networking faux pas one could make, I am not necessarily in agreement that it would be inappropriate to network at a funeral.

What do I mean by this?  Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out but I will tell you that you very well may change your thoughts on the appropriateness of networking absolutely anywhere after you hear the personal story I share about networking at a church function.

Do you have any stories, thoughts, or experiences relating to forming significant networking connections in places that at first seemed to be inappropriate networking venues?  If so, I’d really like to hear what you have to say.  Please leave a comment in the discussion forum below.   Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Is It Appropriate to Network Anywhere–Even at a Funeral?

  1. Having been in that situation a few times, as long as we respect the occasion, it is all right to network in a very subtle manner. As a travel agent for 41 years, we have helped create many memories for our clients over the years and very often there are photos of happier times. Almost always on a trip somewhere. Some even recommend making memories by travelling as a family! Having said that, we give our card when asked. Keep in mind that after this many years, we are friends and often considered part of the family (relationship marketing). Cannot and should not be overt.

  2. At the outset, many thanks for this video post. This is Narendra Bhatta, a Four year member of BNI. I belong to a Chapter called Inspire from Bangalore North West Region. Glad to share that I did network at a very unusual place and it did help in generating a referral for a fellow member in my Chapter. The occasion was a religious function at a temple. amidst chants and rituals that were being followed, a person sitting next to me, receives a call relating to harvesting of coconuts. After the call, I engaged the person in conversation and asked him regarding coconut shells. The person has a coconut farm near Tumkur. My fellow member Ashwin Acharya runs a charcoal briquette manufacturing plant, also near Tumkur. The raw material for the plant is coconut shells. The term ‘coconut’ rang a bell in me. . He said he has some local vendors who keep coming to his farm to collect the shells, but he has not been giving them. I said I know a friend who is in need of the shells and asked the person if it would be okay to ask Ashwin to call. I also spoke to Ashwin on the connect.
    Two week later, Ashwin tells me that the person is ready to offload the coconut shells and has also introduced owners of neighbouring farms. No business card exchange, not a usual place to network yet connection was made and an assured business generated for a fellow member.
    It is appropriate to network anywhere, as long as one is not intrusive.

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