Andrew Hall’s “Referral Magic”

How specific are you when asking for referrals?  Do you say you want business from “somebody”. . . or “anybody”. . . or do you give the name of the specific person you want to meet?

Joining me in this brief video is Andrew Hall, a master networker based in China. Watch as Andrew tells an engaging story about the importance of being specific, or as he calls it, “Referral Magic.”

After watching the video, please leave your thoughts, comments, and/or feedback in the comment forum below . . . are you now thinking twice about how specific you are when asking for referrals?  Are you going to make a conscious effort to be more specific in your “ask” when asking for referrals in the future, or do you maybe have a tactic for being specific that you can share in order to help others? . . .

4 thoughts on “Andrew Hall’s “Referral Magic”

  1. I’ve seen this done in my Chapter. I agree wholeheartedly with the somebody anybody point, I tell new members that anyone or someone means no one.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree being specific is a great way for fellow members remembering who needs a referral.
    Sarah Twynam a member of my BNI Chapter the now famous Uckfield Chapter was specific in her 60 seconds recently Sara asked for a contact in Gravetye Manor Hotel a country house hotel. Sara’s business is bespoke soft furnishings I know Sara is excellent becuse she suplied roman bkinds for our house.
    A few days later I had to attend a meeting at Kingscote for a 121 with another Uckfield BNI member. On the way I passed Gravetye Manaor Hotel. After the 121 I had some time to spare I thought a cup of coffee at Gravetye Manor Hotel would be a good excuse to do some investigation.
    I got chatting to the very nice receptionist who not only gave me the managers name and contact details but actually got him out to meet me. I was able to hand him Sara’s details and a her companies leaflet.
    This resulted in a Sara getting an order from Gravetye Manor Hotel. Being specific really works for Uckfield BNI

  3. great piece of advice! Ivan, I’ve been following your networking insights. Keep up the great work! I recently crowd-sourced a networking advice compilation on Linkedin. A free copy is available on

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