Which Is Better–Online Networking or In-Person Networking?

Which Is Better–Online Networking or In-Person Networking?


In this brief video, Roger Green and I talk about online networking versus in-person networking and also what I discovered when doing research for the book Business Networking and Sex in regard to how much time is necessary to invest in networking in order to get results.

When it comes to networking, there’s online networking and there’s face to face networking.  The simple fact is–it’s not “either/or” . . . it’s “both/and.”  Online networking doesn’t impact face-to-face networking in a negative way. It enhances it.

If you want to be successful in building your personal network, you need diversity in your networks. I highly suggest that people join a few different networks, rather than just sticking with one.

What in-person networks do you currently belong to?  Which online networks do you currently belong to?  In the comments section, please share which networks (both in-person and online) you belong to that you’ve had the most success with–perhaps someone else might read about your experiences and gain success with those networks as well.

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6 responses to “Which Is Better–Online Networking or In-Person Networking?”

  1. Kent says:

    From my opinion, internet helps in assisting relationship rather than replacing relationship. We can use internet or any social networking sites to further the relationship. Solely depends on internet doesn’t help in networking.

  2. Nice post!
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  3. Zurriane says:

    I totally agree it is both and.

  4. achuthan says:

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