Greatest Weaknesses in Networking

Based on a survey that I just completed of more than 12,000 business professionals from all over the world, “being unable to turn relationships into business opportunities” and “using a follow-up system” are the two greatest weaknesses that people identified relating to networking (see the graph below).

This tracks well with what I’ve seen over the past several decades relating to the concerns that businesspeople have regarding their networking efforts.

Turning relationships into business and follow-up are important networking skills that most people have concerns about.  One of the best database management systems and follow-up tools I’ve seen in years is the program. It’s a great tool for creating “touch points” with people to turn relationships into business opportunities, and it provides an excellent follow-up system that is “referral-centric.”

Take a look at the system.  Mike Zinni, the developer of the program, has kindly offered to give all my readers a lifetime discount of 50 percent for the program.  Just use the code: Ask-Ivan for the discount.

I think it’s well worth trying out, and I’d love to hear what you think of it!

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6 thoughts on “Greatest Weaknesses in Networking

  1. Hey Ivan –

    Great post! Those two weaknesses are important guideposts. People need what I call “sustainable confidence” to get through the rough patches.

    Thanks for touching on such an important issue with networking. I’ll share it with my “Business First” chapter.

    Looking forward,

    Jonathan Flaks

  2. Thank you for the post. It is a good reminder of how important a good system is in this process.

    I use Zoho CRM and it has been very effective for me. But, thanks for the referral to your friends site and for the discount offer.


    Joe Denner

  3. Right on, Ivan. I’ve been using for a few years. Tracking my weekly activities and evaluating the results actually helped me identify my top referral relationships!

  4. Cecilia – is focused on the relationship between you and the people that you meet. You can record the characteristics that are familiar to BNI members and Referral Institute clients like GAINS, VCP, Networks, etc. Because these characteristics are built into the system, you can search and run reports using this information easily.

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