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Find an Accountability Partner

Last night at dinner, I asked my son the dreaded question . . . “So, Trey, how’s that homework coming?”  Needless to say, I received the typical, teenage, roll-of-the-eyes response and the standard “I was going to finish it after dinner” answer.

Even if you don’t have kids, at one time you were a kid so I’m sure just about everybody can identify with this scenario.  Being held accountable for completing your homework as a kid was never fun, but face it–when we’re held accountable for our actions, performance, and commitments it tends to heighten our awareness of what we are responsible for and what we have promised to do.

So it is with networking your business: accountability is important.  When you make a commitment to yourself to get out of your cave and attend productive networking functions, the reality is that sometimes other things come up and we forget those promises or push them to the back burner.  So why not find and accountability partner for networking your business?  That way, every time you commit to a new networking strategy, your accountability partner can keep you to the task.  Each week, perhaps by phone, meet with your accountability partner to identify your strategy for the week and because you have someone waiting to hear of your progress, you’ll be more inclined to focus on the task at hand.

To find the right accountability partner, ask yourself these questions:

1.  Who do I highly respect as a business colleague?

2.  Who would not be afraid to push me and keep me focused?

3.  Who would I never think of disappointing?

4.  Who is also interested in networking her business so that we can be accountability partners for each other?

5.  Who knows me–and my tendency to procrastinate?

6.  Who will follow through on this commitment to me?

7.  Who has the time to help me?

Think about it.  No one likes to knowingly disappoint someone else, and no one likes to waste her time or have her time wasted by someone else.  The urge to comply compels us to perform at a higher level and this leads to greater networking results.

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8 thoughts on “Find an Accountability Partner

  1. Accountability is important and is sometimes the only thing that keeps someone working towards their goals. I’ve found that having that partner ask, “what worked?” when there is success and “what got in the way?” when there isn’t is a great addition to the accountability conversation.

  2. Great article. I absolutely agree with your comments about an accountability partner. It has helped me immensely. I used to procrastinate a lot (mainly my marketing)and since I found my accountability partner, I don’t procrastinate anymore. I also created an blog post ( about procrastination and some steps to deter it and the number one tip I gave was for accountability partner. You would be amazed at how much they help you out.


  3. This is a great article for it crosses over so many different arenas of life. We are not an island unto ourselves. We need community. Let us not forget a simple fact, that every business began as an idea, and that idea came from an individual. A business is a living breathing entity of that business and it needs a community of other business leaders to continue to make an impact.

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