Warren Bennis, An Icon Passes

Last week, Warren Bennis, an icon and mentor, passed away from natural causes at the age of 89. I studied under Dr. Bennis at USC in the late 80's. I hadn't seen him for many years until 2008 where we reconnected at the story telling event held by movie executive, Peter Guber. We were sitting at a small round table with about five other people having lunch. Warren looked at me curiously and said, "we've met before haven't we?" I told Dr. Bennis that it had been close to 20 years, but he sat on my doctoral committee for the qualifying exams of my program. That's when he looked at me and said, "I wasn't very nice to you was I?" I was flabbergasted that he would ask me that question. Now the truth was that he was very, very tough on me. His critiscims were always professional and insightful, but I always remembered him as just plain tough!

We vs. Me

While it may not single-handedly solve all the economic problems…
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Networking ROI

The average amount of business gained from referrals in the last 12 months was $37,055. When asked about further orders they had received as the multiplier effect of participation, members were able to think of, on average, an additional $17,668 per year of membership.