Build, Educate, Motivate, & Activate Your Network with Paula Frazier

Build, Educate, Motivate, & Activate Your Network with Paula Frazier

At a recent Referral Institute conference, I had the opportunity to record this short video with my good friend Paula Frazier, a Referral Marketing expert based in Virginia. 

She wrote a fantastic article in the recent Amazon bestseller Building the Ultimate Network about how to build, educate, motivate, and activate referral sources and that’s exactly what she discusses in this video.

As Paula says, “Whether you’re in front of one (person) or 100 people, you’re always in a position to build your network.”  Watch the video to find out what you need to keep in mind in order to successfully build your network no matter where you are or how many people you’re networking with.

After watching the video, please share your thoughts on Paula’s tips in the comment section below . . .

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7 responses to “Build, Educate, Motivate, & Activate Your Network with Paula Frazier”

  1. Jim Hogan says:

    Short, sweet and to the point. You both are so natural on camera and the message is perfect. I remember watching you film this during the Referral Institute Conference last month in Petaluma California.

  2. Christina says:

    We’re learning this in Referral Institute! Fabulous interview! Thanks Paula and Dr. Misner.

  3. Tremendous input from Paula- awesome stuff!

  4. Elaine Betts says:

    I like this information, very useful nuggets to remember.

  5. Oscar Ugoh says:

    please, i need a hard copy of your interview on how to activate and move, become the best marketer and sales representative in my e mail address,

  6. This was great and very much on point. I will have to look for the book. Once I have completed Masters of Sales I will look for it. I hope that more people get the point. If everyone would just put the givers gain mindset to work and get to work we would all be doing better. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Antoinette Tigar says:

    Paula, I recently attended a BNI workshop on dressing to maximise your professional image. You break all the rules! Heavy make-up, hair hanging over your face and wearing black leather. More rock-chick than professional, dare I say? What does everyone else think?

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