People ask me all the time, “What’s the secret to building my business through networking and referrals?”I created BNI Networking Secrets to answer this question and more. Learn what the best already know! Gain two decades of networking experience in less than 3 hours!


What does luck have to do with success? Are successful people just lucky? Or is there more to it than just luck? This audip builds on the #1 Bestselling book, Masters of Success. Ivan shares with you the five themes all successful people have and practice. Listen and learn how, applying these themes in your life, can give you the model to be your own master of success.

Dr. Misner puts his nearly three decades of business networking experience to work for you! This 48 minute CD contains a lifetime’s worth of invaluable information which will teach you the basic principles and important strategies of word of mouth marketing.

Have fun and learn from Dr. Misner how you can grow your chapter and your business by creating the positive visitor experience – every time!

You’ll hear from Dr. Misner the specific things you can do if:

-You think you have run out of people to invite
-You’re not sure of the best way to invite (Dr. Misner gives you the exact way to invite that will increase your success at getting visitors to meetings.)
-You know you need to bring visitors – but just not sure who is the best visitor. (Dr. Misner gives you the top 3 characteristics to look for in a visitor.)
-The specific things you and your chapter can do to make sure every visitor has a great experience – starting with your invitation.
-And much, much more!

The “Truth or Delusion” audio CD, packed full of Dr. Misner’s networking wisdom, will give you the insight to learn truth from delusion when it comes to business networking. As you listen directly to Dr. Misner explain some of his favorites excerpts from his very successful book, what you learn will change the way you do business.