Look Up

Look Up! How to Learn to Be Mentally Present to Succeed

February 20, 2017
Focus, Time Management
Look Up! Learn how to 'be here now.' When you are working, work. Don't spend time stressing over the things you are or are not doing in your personal time. When you are not working, don't work! Don't let the distractions of your professional pursuits keep you from being fully present in your personal life. It is very easy to allow ourselves to be so wrapped up and so caught up in something, that we cannot set it aside to change gears and focus on what is right in front of us. That is what the young lady pedestrian was doing before she pulled herself out of her virtual world to rejoin the events going on around her.
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The P.R.I.C.E. of Referrals

February 13, 2017
Ivan Misner, Management
The PRICE system is a commonly known management tool for tracking performance in a business context. People who want to track, analyze, and manage their performance or the performance of others can use this system as a tool for accomplishing that. Many members of BNI have asked me about tracking the referrals they receive. The PRICE system can be an excellent tool for you to manage and assess your referrals in BNI. Furthermore, the system can be applied to individual members or the progress of an entire Chapter, whichever you prefer.
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Kai Bjorn

Comment concrétiser des opportunités d’affaires avec des suivis et un Merci?

Follow-up tips from various BNI leaders for International Networking Week Submitted by Kai Bjorn, Président de BNI Canada. Please scroll to the bottom of this post to read the English version Le monde des affaires ressemble à celui du sport : certains entrepreneurs sont de vrais athlètes dans leur discipline et connaissent un franc succès. D’autres performent bien, sans toutefois élever leur entreprise à un autre niveau. Mais qu’est-ce qui les différencie? Et bien, il s'agit de plusieurs actions simples, mais rentables, à commencer par les suivis durant les activités de réseautage. Pour vous aider à performer, voici 2 conseils très efficaces que tout entrepreneur devrait maîtriser pour laisser une forte impression et favoriser le développement de ses affaires.
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Marc-William Attie

The Impact of Follow-Up in Sales and Networking

International Networking Week: Follow-up tips from various international BNI leaders Submitted by Marc-William Attié Directeur National, France et Belgique francophone In order to get most of the International Networking Week, be aware of the impact of Follow-Up in Sales. Following up is a must to be in the position to succeed. This is the case in Networking, in our personal life, with our children, in managing our health, in financial management, in Business, etc.... Follow-up is one of the most important behavior to reach a high level of efficiency.
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Always Carry an Umbrella

International Networking Week: Follow-up tips from various international BNI leaders. Submitted by Charlie Lawson, National Director BNI UK & Ireland: Let me tell you a story about one of the first networking events I ever went to. It was a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Greenwich in South East London, and I remember that day because it was absolutely pouring with rain. I thought the event had been a success. I’d met some interesting people, and collected a bunch of business cards. Before going back to the office, I thought I’d just sit down in the car, go through the cards, and work out how best to follow up with each one.
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International Networking Week 2017

Welcome to International Networking Week 2017

Ivan Misner welcomes you to and officially opens the 2017 International Networking Week with this video. Please share this video in your BNI chapter meetings this week. For more information about International Networking Week, please view our website and watch the video at http://internationalnetworkingweek.com/