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The Business Man

Dr. Ivan Misner lives a full life. An entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, and bestselling author, he has achieved enormous success in each field. He is the Founder of BNI, the world’s largest business networking and referral organization. In addition, he is the Senior Partner for The Referral Institute, the world’s leading training company on referral marketing.

The Author/Speaker

Dr. Misner is a New York Times bestselling author who has written 19 books including Masters of Success, Networking Like a Pro, Business Networking and Sex (Not What You Think), and his recently released book, Who’s In Your Room?

The Humanitarian

In addition to his work with BNI and the Referral Institute, Dr. Misner co-founded the BNI Foundation which focuses on children and education. He was recently named Humanitarian of the Year by the Red Cross and he currently sits on the Board of Trustees for the University of La Verne.

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Audience Testimonials

Ivan did two presentations for us in the UK and Ireland at three separate events.  As ever, he was the big draw for our members, with record attendances at each event.  The Business Networking & Sex presentation was fantastic, but we had even better comments from our members on Ivan’s “Ask the Founder” session.  Words such as ‘brilliant’, ‘insightful’ and ‘inspiring’ came back to us via our feedback forms, while it never ceases to amaze us how well Ivan connects with his audience, coming across as open and honest, while also being entertaining.

Tim Cook
Tim Cook BNI United Kingdom and Ireland

We hosted Dr. Ivan Misner in Dubai in June 2013 for the first time where he presented his famed keynote ‘Networking Like a Pro’ to an audience of over 600 business professionals of which over 400 were non-BNI or Referral Institute members. We had set the expectations VERY HIGH through our marketing of the event. People were going to join us for half a day to listen to someone they really don’t know much about (note- Dr. Misner is very well known amongst the BNI and Referral Institute Communities).   At the end of 2 hours of Dr. Misner’s presentation, EVERYONE was still glued to their seat wanting to learn more. The room was full for a few hours AFTER the event as everyone networked utilising the new learnings fresh in their minds and we received numerous testimonials afterwards from the audience sharing how powerful yet simple the learning was. I have received many enquiries from both people who were present and those who missed the event but heard about it afterwards asking WHEN are we going to have Dr. Misner in Dubai!! This is testament to the strong impact created by Dr. Misner through his powerful presentation! Thank you.

Bijay Shah
Bijay ShahBNI Dubai

Ivan was refreshing, on-point, insightful and real. His hour long presentation was surprisingly swift, intellectually engaging,  and included practical (everyday) solutions to common symptoms of ineffective business networking.

Whether you joined BNI 1 day prior to the event, or you’ve been a member in BNI 15+ years, he pleased and surprised the audience with a practical,  personal demonstration of how word of mouth marketing is a competitive advantage for any business (owner) seeking to grow.

The 1000+ members of BNI Miami-Dade highly recommend an invitation to BNI Founder and chairman, Dr. Ivan Misner, as keynote for business audiences worldwide.

Jeff stay
Jeff stayBNI Miami

In April 2013 we got the opportunity to have Dr Ivan Misner as our guest in Scandinavia for the third time, and his presentations was just as appreciated as always by the audience! We have lots of experience from having outstanding BNI speakers from all around the world on our Scandinavia Conferences, but when the guru of Networking himself showed up and held his outstanding presentation on business networking the feedback hit à new top level!

Gunnar Selheden
Gunnar SelhedenNational Director for BNI Scandinavia

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